Education Marketing

Enrollment optimization challenges continue to grow in complexity: global supply fluctuations, competition, and tuition costs add pressure to the already daunting tasks of increasing quality, increasing reach, and fending off helicopter parents.

We’re not sure we can help with the parents, but we have been successful helping our clients increase application rates, uncover specialized applicants, and increase qualified enrollment.

The results come from orchestrating all of the ‘moving parts’ of the marketing effort.

International Enrollment Optimization

For example, with the Yale English Language Institute, we started with an overhaul of the website and focused on the User Experience we want the visitors to have: we gave it simpler, more direct language, re-structured the navigation to lead visitors through a clear progression from discovery to application, and showed them what the experience on campus might be like. Once the site launched, we supported it with international pay-per-click campaigns featuring native language landing pages. In the first year, enrollment jumped 69%.

Special-Interest Enrollment

To recruit working professionals for an Executive MBA program, we use LinkedIn to uncover specific niches of interest at particular levels of experience. We time the Pay-Per-Click and programmatic display campaigns to match deadlines and respond as needed to increase or decrease pressure as the numbers come in.

Marketing Data to Help You Allocate Resources

We can implement marketing automation platforms, and configure prospect activity tracking, lead scoring and classification, to determine the most effective channels and optimize budget allocations.

Well-structured, thoughtfully timed campaigns require interdepartmental coordination, so we work with university IT departments, to make sure all of the technical needs are met and tracking is in place as we launch.

The challenges for Admissions departments will continue to evolve; we’re developing integrated multichannel solutions to help meet them.