The Future of Mobile Grocery Shopping. Mobile Series Part 5

We recently spoke to retailers and food manufacturers at the National Association of  Specialty Food Marketers convention in D.C., on mobile marketing changes and how to effectively implement the technology.

To make the info more digestible, we’ve divided the powerpoint/audio into 5 parts-

Part One– How Does Mobile Behavior Affect Consumer Behavior?
Part Two– QR Code Best Practices
Part Three– Best Practices for Mobile Websites
Part Four– Mobile Apps and Emerging Mobile Technologies

Please see part 5 below:


We created the below narrative to illustrate what a typical shopping experience might look like if it integrated all the current and emerging technologies.

“It’s a slow Tuesday morning, so the manager of Eli’s activates the geofencing software, sending a text message to customers in the area that for the next two hours, all artisanal bread is 20% off.

A mom who was planning to come in that afternoon, changes the order of her errands and comes into the store with her toddler.  She puts him in a smart cart with her tablet.  The cart recognizes the device, and opens a game app from the store that teaches him about the different foods he sees.

Meanwhile, Mom takes out her phone and taps a Tactile that opens her loyalty account.  She gets instant notification of deals on her favorite items.

In front of the snacks her child loves, she sees a new cookie that claims to be truly nut-free.  Skeptical, she sees a TacTile labeled, “Meet the Baker” and taps it.  A quick video pops up of the owner talking about how his son’s peanut allergy led him to start his own bakery.  Convinced and impressed by the baker’s commitment, she taps to buy the snack.

As she goes around the store, she taps more items, putting them in her virtual ‘basket.’

At checkout, the NFC app asks if she wants to check her balance before proceeding.  She taps yes, confirms her balance and checks her food budget.  She’s in budget, so she taps to pay and her accounts are updated, including the redemption on the artisanal loaf of bread.

Her autoscheduler confirms a delivery time with the store, and she and her toddler go on to their next errand.

A recipe program tied to her current and recent purchases sends dinner suggestions to her email based on the foods she has in her kitchen.”

Does this sound like the Jetsons?  We’re not far from this at all.