Arla Dofino

Arla, the Danish dairy giant, charged their US office with launching a new sliced harvarti under the Dofino brand.  With a budget of only $400,000 for the year’s activity, we had to be clever if we were going to give our client a success story to send home.

Fundamentals first

Before we could start we had to update and redesign the brand website and populate it with valuable content. We worked with a professional chef and photography team to develop a monthly calendar of recipes based on most-searched categories.  We built and managed an email program with a monthly newsletter, with an average open rate of 26%, and a Facebook page with over 10,000 fans.  With the platforms in place, we were able to run sweepstakes and contests to increase awareness and outreach.

The best Mac and Cheese recipe

Evidence Based

With the budget limitation in mind, we researched the US markets and recommended a single-market approach that would allow us to invest sufficiently to drive sales and provide a test market model for a roll-out. Based on the market profile, the media costs and options, brand distribution, and retailer and broker relationships, we recommended San Francisco.

The client had commissioned an eleven-month study that validated our positioning: that consumers saw harvarti as an ‘upgrade’ to their ordinary cheese choices. We focused on a usage strategy to move harvarti away from an exotic ‘treat’ and to exploit it’s mild appeal and cooking versatility to position it for everyday usage. We researched the highest search categories for recipes featuring cheese and developed recipes and usage suggestions around quick and easy meal and snack solutions. TV commercials and pre-rolls focused on usage and package recognition.

Pillars and Fillers

With a limited budget for a full year’s coverage we planned a few big-ticket-big-payoff media ‘pillars’ and fill the gaps with less expensive media we could run continually. We also planned around varied levels of consumer engagement, and initiatives we could geotarget to support store locations and boost sell-in.

Pillars: We developed a TV feature with a local celebrity chef who created a recipe for Dofino which we also posted on line and promoted through digital radio: the segment was adapted to :30 TV ads which ran twice for three weeks. We hosted tasting stations at 5 major festivals, engaging with over 40,000 consumers one at a time.

Fillers: We supported the pillars with digital radio, web content including localized custom blogs, PPC banners timed around promotions, custom recipe emails and banner ads.

Go like a Pro

Professional management of digital media increases results and efficiency. We ran geotargeted banner campaigns within a five-mile radius of the grocery stores stocking the cheese, and also focused on food and recipe sites to encourage consumers to substitute harvarti and “upgrade” their recipe.

We timed the digital radio campaign to align with promotional sales windows in the stores, and to highlight the other marketing activities in the city: tune-in for our TV segment, support for tasting events and store promotions, and back to school messages.

Regional integrated marketing campaign

Rinse and Repeat

We revised creative through the year, using Pay Per Click response to test the messages that resonated best with our target audience, and then re-purposing them for banner campaign headlines.
Results: 53.7% increase in regional sales, 247% increase in brand awareness.

Dofino Results



Increased regional sales



Increase brand awareness