Education Marketing – Complex Sale and High Cost

The Situation

Increase inquiries, applications, and quality per lead for Yale EMBA program.

With a two-year tuition of $187,500, Yale SOM’s EMBA is a big investment for applicants and a key revenue stream for the school. In 2015, they tripled the size of the EMBA program from 30 to 90 students. We were charged with providing enough qualified applicants to fill 60 seats. We had 4 months to introduce two new programs and get the admissions department their applicants.

The Insight

Centralizing ad service and reporting would allow us to test new channels and improve results.

A busy client juggled budgets and analytics across different vendors and channels.  A streamlined, strategic media placement plan with a 24/7 dashboard would allow them and us to measure efficacy and maximize the budget by switching spending from channel to channel as needed.

The Solution

One management and reporting solution for Google AdWords, Bing, Programmatic, and LinkedIn

We centralized all paid digital media and reporting, allowing us to shift budgets seamlessly to the most effective channels, to test new channels and targets, and apply insights gleaned from one channel to the others on the fly. It also increased management efficiency and reduced fees for the client.

The Results

• 6200+ inquiries over 28 months
• 27% reduced cost per inquiry in year 2 from year 1
• 23% of enrolled students in 2016 directly attributable to paid campaigns
• EMBA program met enrollment target after each year of advertising