Where do you need us to make a difference? Qualified leads? Sales? Awareness?

There are several ways to structure digital campaigns. We’ll help you determine the best for you.

  • Do you have a strong proprietary email list? We can create a lookalike audience.
  • Do you need to educate your audience? Let’s discuss video retargeting.
  • Do you need to re-engage lapsed customers? We can target your previous buyers.

Whatever your strengths and resources, we customize your plan to optimize what you’ve got. We continually test creative changes, adjust bids and audience targeting, integrate new ad types into the test mix, help you determine new campaign goals as the data suggests, and monitor social response to advertising.


A strong social media campaign includes a variety of ad types depending on your goals: awareness, traffic, lead generation, conversion, etc.

We target multiple audiences (by interest, demographic, retargeting, etc.) and compose anywhere from 10 to 30 copy/visual variants to address the audience differences and provide testable results. We work most often with visuals you provide but will also create/obtain visuals or produce a full shoot as needed. We are Facebook Blueprint Certified, the highest level of campaign management attainable.

The Fulbright Census Campaign Generated


of predicted results


Paid search is one of the most effective ad types because users are closest to the point of decision. However, running a cost-efficient PPC campaign requires coordination between SEO and PPC. Site set-up and content strongly influence Search Engine Results (SERPs), and newer features increase competition for page space. We offer SEO Audits and services including content planning and development and high-quality link-building.

The Arla Dofino launch increased brand awareness


and raised sales 53.7%


“Banner” campaigns typically have a low click-through rate — but it doesn’t mean they aren’t effective at building awareness. An HBR study* showed that banner campaigns boost organic name-branded search results, strongly supporting their role in building awareness.

To find new customers, we create campaigns using contextual placement and third-party behavioral data. To reinforce awareness with consumers who have been exposed to your message elsewhere, we implement highly efficient retargeting campaigns.


We recommend internet audio campaigns for awareness and personal brand messaging. The platforms offer geographic and demographic targeting. We develop creative, produce audio, and manage the campaigns. In addition to platforms such as Spotify, we can also place ads across local digital stations through real-time bidding at a greater cost saving than traditional buys.

The latest campaign for Yale Summer Session delivered


of the revenue goal


Owning your own medium makes sense in today’s world of rapid shifts. Email continues to be a valuable workhorse for marketing, and an asset to your company.

  • We create advertising campaigns that build your email list organically.
  • We develop lead nurturing campaigns linked to Marketo, Salesforce and Slate.
  • We create emails optimized for open rates and Click Through Rates — a measure of content value.
  • We shift creative strategies as the analytics indicate user preference.

Reduced cost per lead


Tracking the numbers that matter

  • We work with you to determine the Key Performance Indicators that
    matter to your bottom line.
  • We design a customized dashboard with all your campaigns in one place.
  • We review the results with you regularly to put the numbers in context and
    help you make decisions.