Building Email Engagement

The Situation

We needed to build customer loyalty

The market for vintage watches has become crowded with vendors, while the number of desirable watches remains constant. So getting the sale requires building loyalty.

The Insight

We thought one thing – but the data said different

We started with a campaign that offered ‘insiders’ first look at watches before they were publicly posted, if they called the store. After three months we analyzed the click-through patterns and saw that users were not acting as predicted – they were clicking through to purchase, even though we stated the watches were not yet available.

The Solution

The 99¢ Strategy

So we shifted to a creative strategy that announces new watches as soon as they go up for bid – at a starting bid of 99¢.

We revised the lead-form campaign on Facebook to push the new message. In two months the number of subscribers has more than doubled while the cost per lead has dropped 88%, and open rates average 11.6%.