Building Trust and Creating Informed Customers

The Situation

Pawning has a bad reputation. The vintage watch market doesn’t fair much better. How could we build business for a reputable watch dealer and high-value pawner? 

This client works in two difficult consumer services: High-value pawning is poorly understood, and the vintage watch business is rife with fakes. For this highly reputable, long-standing family business, building trust is essential.

logo of palisade jewelers, the client being discussed
Rolex watch

The Insight

A site redesign with an informational purpose and personal communications was needed to build trust and increase traffic.

We set transparency and warmth as the hallmarks of the brand. Visually, we used panoramic interior shots to help customers preview the store experience. With copy, we focused on educational articles that highlighted our client’s expertise and walked potential pawners through all of the information they needed before they set foot in the store.

interior of store

The Solution

Educate users about the history and practical uses of pawning and explain the process clearly.

Step one was to create an award-winning website redesign that builds trust through a warm, upscale visual style. We show the store and location as trust-builders. Articles and blogs explain the history, the law, and the process of pawning. Interviews with the store owner display his broad-ranging expertise in the jewelry and vintage watch business, and create an approachable personality for the brand.

Step two was to develop sales using a social media campaign aims at building a proprietary email database to allow the client to personalize customer service.

The Results

Customers come into the store quoting the website articles.

The email list grew 10x at 1/10th the average cost for the retail industry.

The pawning side of the business now enjoys highly informed customers who are ready to transact, which reduces selling time and stress on the owner. We built the email list from under 1000 to over 11,000 proprietary emails, at a cost of 66¢ per name. The industry average for a similar lead is $29. Is it time for you to work with Tempo?