Positioning for Lead Generation and Enrollment

The Situation

Summer program was seen as a back-up plan.

Yale students perceive Summer Session as a ‘safety’ choice for their summer plans, a place to make up a credit or ease through a course. The new dean introduced courses that are only offered in summer, with different pedagogies.

The Insight

Former students are key influencers.

The majority of students who take courses at Yale Summer Session are undergrads at Yale – and many of them are still on campus, able to serve as influencers to their fellow students.

The Solution

Create a shareable campaign with a dedicated hashtag and a roster of student influencers.

We reached out to current students who have taken key courses over the summer and had them submit short testimonials. We then edited these into :08 snippets suitable for a range of social media. A professional video/photo team worked with us to shoot 8 students in a day, capturing audio, video, and still shots that provided a library of visual materials. We created the hashtag #YSSYouCan for use across all media.

The Results