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Increase in leads YOY. Increased closing 7%, NOI 35%

Case Study:
Making a Boilerplate Business Stand Out

The Situation

Standard service industries like self-storage have a hard time standing out. Hampshire Self-Storage, a REIT owned group with third-generation facilities could not continually compete on price without lost net revenue.

The Insight

Our research showed that women have fears and concerns about storage that make them less sensitive to price and more sensitive to cleanliness, safety, and service.

The Solution

We developed a female-friendly campaign and a site that emphasized trust, safety, and cleanliness. We reviewed the data and found that they were working on wrong assumptions about key markets and the importance of mobile as a lead generator. Armed with that info we reworked their media plan to emphasis digital, mobile and women 25+.


The Results

We completely refocused the media budget toward best-performing outlets, reducing costs and increasing leads 151%.

For more information please download the PDF with the full case study.

“I had no idea how much more I could get for my budget until I worked with TEMPO.”
– Kimberly Clayton, VP Hampshire Self-Storage

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