Fulbright Association

Case Study:
Networking to Expand a Constituency

The Situation

A network of global alumni needs to find constituents to keep the scholarship alive.

The Fulbright Association is the official alumni group for the acclaimed scholarship program. It advocates for continued support and federal funding. However, the list of current and past scholars are distributed through various institutions and state departments, making it challenging to identify supporters.

The Insight

The targetability and relevance of social media can help us target Fulbright alumni with an urgent message.

With a limited marketing budget, social media provides a highly targeted format.  With Facebook we can generate a lookalike audience for known scholars, and for LinkedIn we can target self-identified affiliates. The forum allows us to employ a wide range of persuasive tactics.

The Solution

A multi-level campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn using Lookalike audiences and groups to find fellow scholars.

We worked with the client to create a video featuring current alumni.  We then set up multilevel ad campaigns with a range of single, carousel and video messages for warm, cool, and cold audiences, addressing each according to their expected level of familiarity. We set up landing pages for the census and monitored feedback to increase sharing.

The Results

• 5848 completed resignations in 3 months 
• $4.94 cost per completion – 75% lower than estimated!
• High relevance score on campaign copy: 8+/10 average
• 3,430 shares and 16,621 reactions

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