increase of enrollment

Yale Summer Session

Case Study:

Positioning for Lead Generation and Enrollment

The Situation

Summer program was seen as a back-up plan.

Yale students perceive Summer Session as a ‘safety’ choice for their summer plans, a place to make up a credit or ease through a course. The new dean introduced courses that are only offered in summer, with different pedagogies.

The Insight

Millennials hate missing opportunities

Once they arrive as undergrads, ambitious and eager Yale students realize they have only 8 semesters – 4 short years – to take advantage of the vast resources of one of the world’s leading institutions. Summer gives them an ‘extra’ chance to use the Yale network to nurture their passion.

The Solution

Position Summer as the “extra” chance to explore all that Yale has to offer.

We developed a campaign that emphasizes summer as the chance to get more, try more and use more of Yale’s global resources to their advantage.

The Results

Enrollment up 9.6% over YAG in first month of campaign

Through print, banner and custom emails, we’re rolling out the campaign and already seeing strong response to the offerings.