Education Marketing

Whether you’re recruiting high school students, summer students, adult learners, the local community, or the international student pool, you need a team that understands the pressures you face in education marketing and that can advise and assist you in both reaching and recruiting each segment of your target market. We’ve worked successfully with colleges, universities, and graduate programs for over 14 years, increasing inquiry and enrollment, increasing the quality of applicants, filling classes and filling individual courses.

How do educators manage the changes in educational marketing?

You’re facing massive institutional and market challenges.

  • Market forces have eroded the old paradigm that a degree guaranteed employment and success, undercutting your value proposition and bringing competition from alternate institutions.
  • Online courses require a distinct set of marketing tools, from content creation to digital marketing.
  • Many institutions rely on the ready market in international students, which brings new challenges in communication, recruitment, and class composition. And now that market is shifting, as visa restrictions and uncertainty change the landscape.

How do educators increase quality lead generation?

It takes a multi-channel approach that integrates the skills of your team as you ty of media channels shift toward video and visuals, and meeting those content needs increases your staff and budget allocation challenges. Actionable online tracking tools run up against private sites with privacy protections.  Students now expect increased attention and personalization, and may melt away if they don’t think you’re paying attention. These are all areas where we help our clients plan, execute, and measure results.

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