Access Self Storage

Access Self-Storage is a privately owned self-storage management company with 18 facilities in highly competitive locations throughout New Jersey. We were asked to help them raise and maintain occupancy above 90% at all locations, which meant we needed to track and increase conversions across all of their sites.

Fundamentals first

Access had just completed a lengthy website development when we were brought on so our initial work was to develop off-site marketing assets that would attract and convert customers.
Like many companies that grow through acquisition, the online assets for each location were inconsistent or non-existent. Social assets such as Google Business pages had been not been fully developed and were owned at random by various location managers.  We started by surveying each location’s site and social assets and creating a documentation trail. We claimed orphan sites and centralized ownership, then created visuals, including video, and edited each location to meet best practices. Each asset, such as maps, was tracked so that we could attribute conversions appropriately.

We then focused our attention on SEO and a paid marketing campaign to drive traffic of qualified leads.

Evidence Based

We implemented tracking through Google Analytics and set up a dashboard so the client could see how specific initiatives led to specific results. Over time we re-portioned the budget to increase high-yield channels and cut slow performers to optimize the use of capital. Each location was tracked separately to account for the variances in each market; for instance, Yelp performed incredibly well in urban locations, not as well for certain suburban towns with older populations.
From the time we started with Access their overall website sessions increased 293% and their online reservations increased by 298%.

Organic search and local search results are the strongest driver of traffic to the site and have the highest conversion rates. By bringing the site up to speed on industry best practices for SEO we increased traffic from ‘organic search’ by 249%.

Self Storage website traffic - Access

Go like a Pro

As the result of an ongoing optimization and testing program by a dedicated PPC team, Paid Search traffic Click-Throughs increased 663% since the inception of the program while reducing cost per click and the bounce rate dramatically.

The overall bounce rate is a good indicator for site performance, provided the Web Analytics platform is configured correctly. We implemented event tracking and were able to attribute the data points for onsite Video views, PDF downloads, page scrolling and interaction with buttons and form components to reduce the bounce rate from 53.85% to 3.54%.

Self Storage online conversions - Access

Access Self Storage Results

Increase in organic search 572%

increased impressions in organic Google Search Engine Result Pages

Increase on online conversion 298%

increase in online reservations