Case Study:
A Start-Up with a Complex Sale and Heavy Competition


The Situation

New player in a competitive new healthcare service sector.

SmartCCM was formed in response to a new telemedicine billing code that helped doctors manage their Medicare patients. Multiple companies rushed in to fill the need. SmartCCM needed to communicate expertise and establish dominance quickly to win over primary care physicians.

The Insight

Doctors love data

Physicians are notoriously non-responsive to most communication channels. They are, however, lifelong learners by necessity and inclination, and attracted to data, information, white papers, and studies.

The Solution

We focused on a content to drive awareness and demonstrate expertise.

We focused on a content development/marketing strategy that included proprietary research, white papers and very niche articles for the smartCCM website. We worked together with Cooper Katz, a public relations agency, to outreach to journalists, trade magazines and news papers.

The Results

• Site ranked in top 10 Search Engine Results in 2 months
• Client started to see direct impact on sales

The site launched in August and by October was ranking in the top 10 search results for the category. The analytics uncovered by the CRM campaign revealed an interested partner who was researching SmartCCM from the convention floor.




established their lead in 6 months