5 Fun Facts about the Celebrity Chefs Stamps Chefs


The United States Postal Service issued the limited edition of Celebrity Chefs Stamps in September and we love the idea, but the selection at first glance seems random, right?  But we did a little digging for you and found these delightful connections:

  1. Start with the Grandaddy of the bunch: James Beard, who is credited with the first televised cooking show.  The James Beard House, founded after his death, and the associated Award, remain a hallmark of achievement for chefs today.
  2. The most famous TV chef is indisputably Julia Child, who was a friend of James, and had the idea to preserve his house in his honor. (Although Peter Kump did the heavy lifting, to be fair.)
  3. Joyce Chen’s PBS show, Joyce Chen Cooks, was filmed on the same set as Julia Child’s The French Chef.
  4. Edna Lewis was the first recipient of the James Beard Living Legend Award.
  5. Felipe Rojas-Lombardi worked as James Beard’s assistant in Beard’s Cooking School.

Now the question is, if the USPS issued a second round, which chefs are most stamp-worthy?  Alice Waters gets our vote.  Who gets yours?

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