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Responsive websites explained and why your business needs to have it now!

If you’ve been putting off updating your site to make it a responsive website, we’re here to incite you to make the change NOW. UPDATE: Google shared a new testing tool. They also shared with the world that mobile friendliness will impact your search ranking. So even if your site gets 70% desktop traffic it will probably not rank as well
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Self Storage Marketing | How to start thinking, and acting like a brand.

It was a great ride while it lasted. In the early days of self-storage, you could pick up commercial property, convert it with cheap facilities and rent away. Competition was there, but there were still lots of opportunities to make money – renting a box full of air. Business was good. Self Storage as an industry has matured dramatically in
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Maximizing Mobile and Marketing Automation for Beauty

With the number of US smartphone owners officially passing more than 50 percent of the population, marketers realize that these devices are shaping consumer behavior and purchase decisions at astonishing rates. Shoppers’ ability to access the internet on the fly affects all stages of the purchase cycle. Consumers constantly reach for their phones for product reviews, price comparisons, coupons, and
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