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Trend Convergence For the Food Marketing Industry

We see three threads coming together that could spell opportunity for food marketers. First, IRI MarketPulse Survey Q4, 2014 came up with this prediction for 2015 CPG shoppers: 43% of Shoppers plan to buy large packages to get the lowest price per serving. 43% is a big number, but so what, you say? Bulk is nothing new to the likes
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Specialty Food Marketing Meets Special Delivery

30 years of specialty food marketing teaches you that food people are a breed apart.   The passion for great food, delight at a clever new idea, and the compulsion to share our discoveries with others are the hallmarks of a group unlike any other. So for my fellow hopeless addicts, here’s great news: two really smart services that are taking
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140 Bites – Trendwatching at the Fancy Food Show

Who wouldn’t love the New York Fancy Food Show?  Walking around eating in the name of specialty food marketing is something I look forward to every year.  The other treat? Trendwatching.  There was the year of mustards, the year of salsas, the year of artisanal chocolates, the year of tea.  This year? Quick high-impact bites.  Brownie Brittle  delivers just the
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