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Responsive websites explained and why your business needs to have it now!

If you’ve been putting off updating your site to make it a responsive website, we’re here to incite you to make the change NOW. UPDATE: Google shared a new testing tool. They also shared with the world that mobile friendliness will impact your search ranking. So even if your site gets 70% desktop traffic it will probably not rank as well
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Powering Ecommerce with Pinterest

Like you, we’ve watched explode in popularity over the last eight months. Has it occurred to you how  fascinating it is that, at its inception, the direction of Pinterest’s development was open to interpretation?  The concept was simple: pin up pictures of things you like.  Maybe the crowd would turn it into YouTube with photos, or maybe a visual Tumblr. Who knew where
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Google’s Game Changer

Google+, the search giant’s attempt to play in Facebook’s sandbox, may have started as a running joke, but they aren’t letting it stay that way. reports that Google is ramping it up for Mobile and integrating Google Places, the hyper-local resource, as well as Zagat, which they acquired last year. Here is the video that shows how it
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