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SEO Checklist for Writers (2019)

Why an SEO checklist for writers? Because the rules are always changing. I was reading Google’s 200 Ranking Factors by the brilliant Brian Dean. He outlines what SEO specialists are focused on. But as a writer of online content, not all of it was relevant. So I made an SEO checklist of the parts that helpful and actionable when I’m writing
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Why your media strategy needs a halo

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement and illusion of control we get from metrics. We all love to say “we did X”, “and then X happened with X many people.” Don’t you? It makes us feel like heroes to our clients.  Trouble is, in the midst of our digitized euphoria, it’s hard to keep in
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Two sides of the same coin: valuing LinkedIn

We had one of those Rashamon conversations with a prospective client yesterday. We manage digital ad campaigns for a number of clients, so for B2B clients, sooner or later the conversation gets around to LinkedIn. As it happens, we’ve had some very strong results: finding new prospects, raising the quality of applicants, and filling the seats for our educational clients
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