Accelerating Education Enrollment

What does your admissions department need? Sheer volume? More qualified applicants? Students with specific experience? We use digital targeting to generate leads so you can craft the class composition you need.

“Why would a school want more applicants than it can take?”

A friend asked me this the other day when I was sharing that we had delivered 5035 applicants for a class with only 90 spots.  “But why would need so many more than you can use?” she asked.  I explained that ranking systems like US News and others often consider selectivity an important metric.  Being highly selective is seen as an appealing measure of popularity.  The more applicants to the class, the choosier admissions can be. That makes the students who are admitted feel specially qualified.

Helping schools fulfill compositional needs.

We also target for compositional needs. One client wanted to raise the number of female students in the class.  Digital targeting helped us raise the percentage from 18 to 32% in a single year.  

So when we create a marketing plan for an education client, we’re balancing broad reach and awareness against more specific targets, in order to increase the quality of each applicant.  We work closely with our clients to fill the funnel with as many applicants as possible, while raising the qualifications of the class overall.


We also craft multiple messages so that we can meet a variety of students wherever they are in their selection journey.  We customize the content to various levels of awareness, liking, and advocating. We also design the video and visuals to work across various media, from Snapchat to Instagram,  minimizing creative investment while maximizing evergreeen use.

And finally, we measure progress and spend continually and provide each client with a personalized live dashboard and monthly analytic reports.

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