Authority in the Digital Age or the volatile live of a search engine marketing firm

As a search engine marketing firm we are always trying to keep up with what is going on and this page illustrates how volatile this can be.

Live as a search engine marketing firm is volatile.

Google Algorithm updates

In 2011 we published the original post you will find below:

360i ran a panel with Sarah Hofstetter, Jeff Bercovici, Nihal Mehta, Jon Steinberg and  Todd Wasserman to learn what “Authority” means to the experts in this digital era.  If you have 44 minutes, you can access the video through this article.  They had a lot to say about individuals taking responsibility for establishing their own authority, and some advice on how to stand out in the crowd of bloggers, social networks and brands.


Our favorite point? The mention that Apple (heard of them?) doesn’t do anything social.   “I don’t see why more brands don’t emulate them,” said Wasserman. “They’ve built up a lot of shadow by not talking about what they’re doing.”  We’ve been talking about your digital strategy starting with what you need to execute to match your business objectives — Apple makes our point beautifully.


Update 2013:
Since the summer of 2011 much has changed, we have seen the biggest changes that Google ever made to its search algorithm and in addition the introduction of Google + and author rank. It is undeniable that for any content marketer author rank is becoming a vital factor to promote a website and market yourself on the internet. Here is a terrific article on the topic what author rank is and how to utilize it.


Update 2014:
The ongoing “cat and mouse” game between Google and the people that run and operate a search engine marketing firm (s) took another toll. Google officially ended “Google Authorship” in August 2014 and does not show images anymore in the search result pages (SERPs). I guess to many people pushed to hard to use the feature for their advantage. this is what it looked like:

Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not

“Author Rank” still exists there is a good article on Search Engine Land explaining the difference.


Update 2015:

To see a list of all search algorithm changes by Google I suggest this page by

It will keep you up-to-date with what is going on. Moz also has the best resources on search engine optimization.