Is Your Marketing Mix Missing This?

Are you missing one of the most powerful tools in your marketing mix?

There’ s a really powerful tool that people like to leave out for a really dumb reason. What I’m talking about are programmatic banners.

We’ve all seen banners on websites that we go to, they’re at the top, they’re on the side [that’s called a skyscraper] , we place them programmatically.

What does Programmatic banner placement do?

You can place programmatic banners

  • by context
  • by region
  • and by retargeting

Retargeting a banner means it will continue to land on any page the user goes to, after the first interaction.
In the marketing world it’s a great way to get repeat exposure and raise awareness.

Why don’t marketers love programmatic banners?

If they’re so great, why don’t marketers love programmatic banners? Because the click through rate is terrible.

The average click-through rate on a banner is .01 percent. People just don’t click on them.

So is that a reason to throw it out?

Not at all. I’ll tell you why.

A couple of studies. One done by Think with Google, and they looked at what Sprint pulled together, and Sprint did an experiment that showed that their online advertising went up, 23% — that’s what they were able to attribute to the banner campaigns, but when they ran a banner campaign, their in-store traffic went up 32%! And it was correlated with the running of the banner campaign.

Microbursts of awareness

Even if people don’t click through, and they see it for less than 1/10th of a second, you’re raising awareness, these little microbursts will raise your branded search – and people will see it and will start looking for you in Google by your brand name.

Another study by the Harvard Business Review showed similar results.

Bottom line, don’t leave banners out just because you don’t get a nice neat attribution. 

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