The Face of Social Commerce:Luxury’s IQ

If you only read one thing this weekend, make it this study on the Facebook “IQ” of the top 100 Prestige brands.

Shop Tory Burch FB page

Tory Burch’s FB page opens doors to shopping and free shipping

Conducted by Scott Galloway of NYU Stern, it’s chock full of best practices, brilliant ideas, and solutions like “how does a global brand handle Facebook?  — a core focus here at TEMPO as we work with a number of international companies building their US presence.  The answer – GLOCAL – both global and local activation, so brands get the big impression and fans get the interaction they relate to best.

Want to know what kind of content gets the most engagement? What’s more important – fans or interactions? What about, who’s on the forefront of Facebook Commerce? (the next big thing – social commerce, ecommerce from your Facebook page.  Need help with it? Call us.)
There are guidelines to measuring the importance of each aspect of your Facebook page: Fans/Content/Engagement/Integration (our particular fave). But of course the most fun part of the reading are the gossipy insights on who’s doing what well (go Tory Burch! Free shipping with a ‘like’!)  and who’s letting all these lovely opportunities pass them by. (Wake up Rolex! At least put in a product shot!)

If you read two things this weekend, our recent post “Luxury Brand Marketing: It’s Leadership” gives you a broader picture of  Luxury’s struggle with online.   I’m going to hush now so you can start downloading and learning.  Enjoy.