Meet the Experts – Will Heinitz of Brinked Media

–  How would you like us to introduce your business?

“Brink Media specializes in Google penalty prevention and recovery.  This area of specialty is extremely important for businesses to engage in so that they prevent ranking loss, and in turn do not lose any business.”

–  Is there an approach or philosophy that sets your company apart from your competitor?

“Experience.  There are many companies out there claiming to be an SEO company, but many do not truly know what it entails.  Search engines are always improving and getting smarter, and we pride ourselves on efficiently keeping up with these ever-changing trends of the search engine algorithm.  Gone are the days where we can easily manipulate our way to the top.  Today you need a real business with a real online presence to gain exposure and stand out.  When hiring anyone to do SEO related initiatives for your website, make sure they are on top of the day to day changes that go on.  What might help you rank well today may be the exact that that will make your site fall off the map tomorrow.”

–  What do you find most companies need to understand before they come to you?

“Companies need to know what Search Engine Optimization is and how imperative it is.  Many people assume SEO is simply building links to your site to improve rankings, but on-site factors are actually more important than external factors such as link building or social media.  After proper SEO implementation companies will have a strong, useful website that people want to bookmark and are excited to share with their friends.”

–  What are the biggest changes currently happening in your industry that your clients should pay attention to?

“The biggest change is the latest algorithm update put out by Google known as Panda.  Google released Panda in an attempt to reduce the rankings of low quality websites and give higher quality websites a boost.  Although Panda has some bugs right now, it is improving tremendously and becoming more and more accurate.  The bottom line is companies will not be successful with an unfinished website, or a website that’s sole purpose is to get people to click on your ads.”

–  What is your best advice for clients?

“Build the absolute best website you can for your clients using feedback from your visitors to see what it is they look for.  Do not build your business to cater to the search engines or to yourself, instead put out a high quality web presence, everything else will take care of itself.”


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