Social Media Trends Full Speed Ahead

Did you know, 2012 is the first year the Super Bowl will be streamed live?  This means the digital and social media integration for this gigantic advertising spectacle will carry a whole new level of weight this year.

Check out our list below of Social Media trends heading our way, and make sure your brand is up to speed!  We’ll even give you a cheat translation of what each trend really means for you…

1. “Social TV Integration” – Translation: Take the last presidential election for example… the best way to keep TV viewers engaged is to incorporate Social Media into programming. 

2. “TV Is Going Online in a Big Way” Translation: The increasing amount of consumers live streaming is putting an enormous emphasis on the digital and social media integration for TV advertising.

3. “Facebook Credits Take Center stage”Translation: Facebook Credits is a virtual currency that enables people to purchase items within applications on the Facebook platform. (One US dollar = 10 FB credits).  Eventually, it’s expected Facebook will expand these credits into a micropayment system which will be open to any FB application.

4. “Big Business Has Woken Up”Translation: It is more important than ever for brands to treat social platforms as a way to communicate with consumers rather than just a way to advertise to them.  Brands are having conversations with their fans instead of the traditional one-way message or ad.

5. “ROI Is Still Huge” The new change involving ROI is that social media engagement is being more accepted as a legitimate metric.

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