TEMPO’s Latest Ventures

We’ve recently had the opportunity to hop around the city meeting some fabulous new companies and becoming acquainted with several innovative brands.  First we went to Kosherfest, which has become an increasingly popular event as kosher foods have become recognized by the general population as a guarantee of purity and thoughtful manufacture.

Our favorite product of the event was a delicious chocolate-toffee-matzah brand called “Matzel Toff!” They offer several different varieties, but we instantly took a liking to the Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.  The concept is similar to a chocolate covered pretzel with the sweet & salty combo, but Matzel Toff is even better with the twist on the most traditional Kosher treat.  As Phillip and his team (pictured with us to the left) explain, “Matzah needed a gourmet makeover, and our toffee-chocolate is the perfect fit!”


Next stop… New York City’s Chocolate Show!  Needless to say, this is one of the difficult parts of our jobs– working hard, walking from chocolate booth to chocolate booth, tiring our taste buds… just to find the city’s best tasting chocolate products!  Luckily, Salt of the Earth Bakery made it pretty easy on us… their chocolate chip cookies with Maldon Sea Salt were hands-down the best we’ve ever had (and we know our cookies).  They also have scrumptious brownies that boast the unique flare of cinnamon and hints hot pepper.  Go ahead, here’s a list of places you can buy their products… you can thank us later.

In general, it was amazing to see all the new chocolate products that companies have come up with.  We saw (and by saw, we mean ate) it all… spicy hot chocolate, goat cheese chocolate truffles, ginger root chocolate, energy chocolate bars!  For our sake, we’re going to stick with the theory that chocolate is actually good for you