Your Instant Marketing Plan

CMOs – Here’s your marketing plan for 2012. Insert your brand, and go have a mojito.  We’ve got you covered.

1) Mobilize your site.

Everything is going mobile, so take a look at the most visited pages on your site, strip the rest of it out and get it programmed for mobile. (Questions? Read this:  Drupal and other mobile-friendly sites can detect the type of device the site is being read on and adapt to fit.  What you have to do is think about what the ‘on-the-go’ user wants. Hint: it’s not all those SEO pages.

2) Facebook Commerce.

Gee if only you could put POP right next to fan feedback…um ta-da! You can. Facebook Commerce may not replace your ecommerce site (yet) but is a great place to beta test your star products in 2012.  Walk before you run…but definitely walk this way. (page 15)

3) QR tags on your Packages, Boxes, and Bags

QR (Quick Response) codes are those squiggly squares you’ve seen on everything and wondered if anyone used.  Well, they are getting used – increasingly.  What they could help you do? Close the communication gap at the shelf – the Zero Moment of Truth Google sang about.  (Read here:  What would you say on your package if you only had the space?  Now you have it – sell away, promote away. The QR tags can be generated free, so all you have to do is provide the content they link to.


Now, about those mojitos: