Best Practices for Mobile Websites. Mobile Series Part 3

We recently spoke to retailers and food manufacturers at the National Association of Specialty Food Marketers convention in D.C., on mobile marketing changes and how to effectively implement the technology.
To make the info more digestible, we’ve divided the powerpoint/audio into 5 parts.

Part One– How Does Mobile Behavior Affect Consumer Behavior?
Part Two– QR Code Best Practices
Part Four– Mobile Apps and Emerging Mobile Technologies
Part Five- The Future of Mobile Grocery Shopping

Please see part 3 below:

Here’s are a few points, but watch the video for much more:

Why mobilize your site?
20% of mobile shoppers respond to a bad mobile site by completing their research and/or purchase but vowing to never return to the site in the future if they can avoid it. (Limelight Networks, November 2011)

Best practices for a mobile site
Content should be pragmatic; inform, direct, offer.
Users should be able to navigate without scrolling left and right.
Make action tabs big enough and far enough away to navigate by finger.
Make the look and feel echo your online site so consumers know it’s you.

What do consumers do on their smartphones?
67% of consumers will use their smartphones to find store locations,
59% use their phones to compare prices – usually on retail sites.
51% to obtain product information – from product websites.
41% report using mobile to find and use coupons –
40% use their mobile phones to scan bar codes, to get product information, and
35% to access social media
(Google and Mobile Media Association)