How Does Mobile Behavior Affect Consumer Behavior? Mobile series Part 1

[The original full-length version of this video was presented last year at the National Association of Specialty Food Marketers convention in DC. This blog post has been updated to reflect the most recent data and insights on the topic.]

The video below offers the latest industry research on mobile marketing changes and how to effectively implement the technology.

To make the info more digestible, we’ve divided the powerpoint/audio into 5 parts.
Part Two– QR Code Best Practices
Part Three– Best Practices for Mobile Websites
Part Four– Mobile Apps and Emerging Mobile Technologies
Part Five- The Future of Mobile Grocery Shopping

Please see part one below:

Here are a few data points, but watch the video for much more:

  • eMarketer estimates that there will be 125 million smartphone users in the US by the end of 2012, with that number growing to 176.3 million by 2015.
  • A study by comScore for Babycenter found that mothers overindex on mobile —  Moms are 12% more likely to use a tablet, and 27% more likely to own a smartphone.
  • Most mobile activity actually happens in the home.  Ecreative found that between 77 and 81% of users are searching on their mobile phones at home and on weekends.
  • Mobile search leads to action.  According to Google and Nielsen, 75% of mobile searches trigger a follow-up action.
  • 76% of shoppers make their decisions in-store, on the fly – and those who “overspend on impulse items” do so by more than 200% according to a Shopper Engagement Study by Point of Purchase Advertising International.

Were you surprised by any of these figures?  If so, how can you tailor your marketing strategies to fit this target audience?